The Only Ones // The Other One
Jacob Koestler
Mazes to the Motherlode XIV (Limited Edition Poster)
Brandon Locher
It Happens Outside
The Meets
Notes From The Foundry
photographs by Gregory Halpern, Darin Mickey, Corine Vermuelen, Andrew Borowiec, David La Spina, Suzanna Zak, Susan Lipper, Andrew Moore, John Lehr, Nicholas Gottlund, Jacob Koestler, Ross Mantle, Zoe Strauss, Sean Stewart, and Todd Hido.
Winter Garden Photograph
Music for Bad Weather
Various Artists
The Crew of the Half Moon
Transferable American Morals
Christopher S. Bell
Secret Wishes and Dark Dreams
Anna Tararova
In Dreams
Olivia Locher
What Island
P.K. Harmon
In Processing/Blowin` in the Mind
Technological Epidemic